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chart-line-148256_960_720I found that I got the most comments on My Dream House and my About me, but My most successful post would be (there`s 2 ) My first would be my All About Me Because I have changed it over the year and made it more knowledgeable. That its to be my descriptions and secondly my Zoom out Post I find its good because I made it so well and everyone who commented liked it so possibly I could make more Zoom Out posts. I could probably put more posts that saying I only had about 10 to 14(including Lest We Forget And All About Me) meaning That I was far back I find ! My Post Has Been augmenting in grammar and in interest but 2dly augmenting in nice comments and comments from all around the world for example serbia australia and plenty from montreal which most of them help me make more blogs which where amusing and has adventures, tours (in my Dream House) funny things like my yawn post about Math being boring.

In all of my post I always start with ’’Hello Billy here from All Things Quebec’’ or it starts with what’s going to happen in the story The only 2 things I loved about my site is that! Everyone reading my site is obliously enjoying it and secontly im enjoying it which makes both me and my viewers happy. I’m The School st Lawrence But I find THE BEST Blog Here in the galaxy is drum roll please……………………………… Mine. Mine because I put a lot of effort into it witch makes it better for me and possibly my viewers the post I find a winner Would be My About Me because I like it when people know All about me and that I’m really social with people

thank you everyone And have a  good Afternoon .

The Winter Carnival

In the winter I usually go to Quebec City where there’s a thing called The Winter Carnival its A Really Fun place to be. In bonhomme-carnaval-snowman-character-winter-cfanxgthe Winter Carnival you can see a castle completely made out of ICE!!! It’s really awesome because you can go in it and walk around and take pictures and the ice doesn’t melt also at night there’s slides where you get to go on the sled with your friend but I went with my brother and my mom We even carved ice and saw ice sculptures. Continue reading

3 Places I Recommend You Go To



Hello billy here and today I’ll be talking about 3 awesome places to go if you’re a tourist so let’s begin.

So the first would have to be LaRonde, and yes I know most of you must of already read my brother’s post and that he said that I’m scared of going on the monster roller-coaster but this year I won’t be I’ll ride see if I like it if I do I’ll ride over and over again just like my brother Xavier did with the Goliath at LaRonde. Anyways that’s not what I’m here to tell you about I’m here to tell you that I go to LaRonde every summer since I moved here I do it with my friends and mostly family like with my mom, my brother and my sister but not anymore that’s a long story. But I ride the Goliath a lot with my brother but I went into the haunted house with a couple of friends and we almost got a heart attack. Continue reading

Shout out!

hqdefaultHello bloggers today I`m doing a shout out on Darin.

Darin is An Amazing blogger his From Hong Kong His Post are awesome and he has a YouTube Channel witch I hope you subscribe to. If you want to subscribe to him go on YouTube and search up Darin lei and watch his videos about gaming and tutorials its really amazing someday I’m going to also be a Youtuber with my friends. Any way you should check out his post weekly like me and enjoy. The best part about Darin’s blog is that he puts a lot of detail into all his blogs and is very friendly when writing his blogs and gives in a lot of detail like his blog about: The 5 places I recommend you go to and he said that Hong Kong is a place where you would enjoy and that the MTR is extremely quick and that the Chinese food there is amazing and delicious witch makes me hungry. And makes me want to go to Hong Kong and eat the food there with my brother and my sister including my Mother. Witch gives me an idea when I`m older I might go To Hong Kong And try food and buy things so ya Darin`s A really good Blogger and hope you check him out.

PS:The MTR IS a mode of transport in Hong Kong basically a train or as named a  Mass Transit Railway.

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